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Advisory Board

The Princess Theatre Advisory Board was founded in 2023 by Terran and Alexis Gilbert. 

The purpose of this board is to provide guidance and advice to the Princess Theatre management company on matters related to programming, community outreach, and fundraising.


Member's participation in the advisory board helps ensure that the Princess Theatre continues to serve the community of South Pittsburg in the most effective way possible. Their expertise and insights are invaluable in helping the Princess Theatre management company make important decisions about the future of the beloved institution.

Princess Theatre South Pittsburg TN Bill Neyland and Alexis Gilbert.HEIC

The Princess Theatre advisory board not only benefits the Princess Theatre, but also the wider community of South Pittsburg. By working together, we can ensure that the Princess Theatre remains a vibrant and important cultural institution for years to come.

The Princess Theatre Advisory Board:

  • Allison Buchanan

  • Diane Bullock

  • Beth Duggar

  • Lamar Jenkins

  • Cheryl Kellermann

  • Bill Neyland

  • Jerry Wynne

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