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The Story.

In October 2022, the South Pittsburg city commission invited Terran "T-RAN" Gilbert to apply as the new managing director of the Princess Theatre in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. After careful consideration, Terran accepted the invitation and was appointed by the city's board of commissioners unanimously. With over 20 years of experience in touring, singing, event planning, venue management, and artist development, Terran brings a wealth of expertise to the role. In addition to building upon the Princess Theatre's existing annual events and connections, T-RAN plans to offer a diverse range of artistic experiences, including concerts, dance performances, media events, and musical excellence, for the enjoyment of families and friends at The Princess Theatre.

Meet the Managers.


Terran "T-RAN" Gilbert

Executive Director

Terran Gilbert is an accomplished musician and esteemed industry leader with a demonstrated commitment to the success of others. With a passion for the performing arts and over two decades of experience in creative management, T-RAN brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the role. He is dedicated to showcasing diverse and engaging performances that resonate with the community and beyond. T-RAN is excited to lead the Princess Theatre into a new era of excellence and innovation. Prepare to be amazed, as Terran brings a unique and unparalleled perspective to the table.

Alexis Gilbert

Operations Manager

Alexis Gilbert is the head of daily operations of the Princess Theatre, serving as the essential pillar and representative of the organization. She brings her years of creative management experience and her passion for community outreach. Her exceptional talents lie in attentive listening, effective leadership, and a commitment to constant improvement.  Her impressive organizational skills and unwavering drive keep the organization's day-to-day functions running smoothly. With her leadership, the Princess Theatre is poised to continue bringing quality entertainment to the region while also engaging with local residents through educational programs and events.

Alexis Gilbert Princess Theatre.png
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